Cataract Surgery

Dr Katherine Masselos is an experienced cataract surgeon performing cataract surgery in patients with and without glaucoma. She offers cataract surgery, combined with MIGS devices, to reduce the side effects and dependence on eye drops for patients with glaucoma. She is also experienced in cataract surgery for angle closure. Dr Masselos operates at:

  • Kogarah Private Hospital
  • Chatswood Private Hospital
  • Sydney Eye Hospital (Public Patients)

Medical and Surgical Management of Glaucoma

Dr Masselos can provide advice on all aspects of glaucoma diagnosis and management. She performs all forms of glaucoma laser and surgical procedures. Lasers for glaucoma include Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Peripheral Iridotomy and Cyclodiode.

Apart from offering MIGS devices, Dr Masselos routinely performs trabeculectomy and tube shunt procedures. Trabeculectomy is performed for treatment of glaucoma inadequately controlled by maximally tolerated medical therapy. It creates a new pathway for fluid inside the eye to be drained. Tube shunt procedures are glaucoma drainage devices that are implanted into the eye to reduce intraocular pressure.

Dr Masselos also sees patients with a family history of glaucoma and other risks factors for glaucoma.

Acute Eye Problems

Dr Masselos assesses and provides management for patients with acute eye concerns including acute visual changes, painful eyes and red eyes.

If the problem is urgent please ask your referrer to discuss with our reception team about arranging an urgent appointment.

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